Winchester Closet Gun Safe Reviews [Edition 2018] With Buying Guide!

Winchester Closet Gun Safe Reviews: The closet gun safe is one of extremely unique product made by the Winchester Company. It is entirely designed and manufactured in USA which certifies the use of quality material and specialized hands in its making.

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Best Winchester Closet Gun Safe Reviews 2018

The closet is designed with an 18 inch depth so as to fit inside virtually any closet. It comes with upgraded black chrome hardware and a palette-neutral sandstone finish.

I would recommend this safe to the people who are seeking a safe and secure container to keep their jewelry and other smaller valuables in an inconspicuous space.

This is to note that the closet range has only a single product available.

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The safe gives you the liberty to adjust the shelves so as to keep your ever changing collection. The auxiliary shelves for interior customization add to the ease.

It is quite a beautiful safe that is available with durable power coated sandstone finish. It becomes easy to open/close the safe with the help of 3-spoke black chrome vault handle with simultaneously compliments its look.

Other features include a power docking system with two 110v outlets and two USB pass-through.

You would be able to enjoy all these features with the utmost peace of mind due to the limited lifetime warranty that the company ensures along with the safe.

If you are willing to have other accessories like LED light kit, you need to spend a little more.

Burglary protection

Made up of a 12 gauge thick steel body formed with robotic welds, the safe is secure enough to keep your possessions. There are 4 dead and 4 active locking bolts used in the construction. I won’t call it a strong combination at all but it works if the safe is placed within the closet.

The rest of the features are very similar to the ones that you can find in other better models manufactured by the Winchester. One of these is the U.L. listed S&G mechanical lock which has no vulnerable solenoid or key override feature. It also exceeds the California DOJ requirements.

Apart from these, the safe is made burglar resistant by the inducing features like external strap hinges of solid steel, anti-pry tabs, auxiliary relocker to keep the active boltwork stable in case of a burglary attack, recessed doors and reinforced steel return jambs.

Fire protection

The closet safe has the fire ratings of 45 minutes at 1400 degree F. it is due to the use of palusol head expandable door seal which enlarges to over 6 times its size when subjected to heat thereby obstructing the way of smoke and heat into the safe.

The U.L. rated fireboards are used in the entire body as well as ceiling. The total of 3 layers is put in the ceiling whereas 1 layer each is used in door and body. Also the presence of a composite door with an extra layer of fireboard protection makes it even more fire resistant.

The lifetime free replacement guarantee comes with the safe. The company makes sure that you enjoy the best of the experience and hence replace the damaged safe if it fails to prove itself as per the promised terms.

Specifications of the safe

The Winchester closer safe weighs 310 lbs and hence is comparatively not as heavy as the other safes by Winchester. The volume is 13.8 cf where it can store up to 20 long guns at a time.

The dimensions of the safe need to be taken into special consideration beforehand. This helps in deciding if your house has enough space to accommodate this safe or not. Else shifting it again and again would create a problem for everyone.

Looking at the importance of the dimensions, please note that the exterior dimensions of the safe are 60 x 22 x 18 (in inches) where it follows the order – height x width x depth
The interior dimensions however are 57 x 20 x 13.

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What are the cons of the closet safe?

If I compare it with any other gun safe line manufactured by the Winchester, the closet safe would stand last in terms of the security level. The 14 gauge steel body supported by mere 8 locking bolts will eventually break in few attempts by the burglars.

The fire ratings are also quite low due to a single layer of fireboard. The safe is incapable of tolerating a temperature that rises above 1400 degrees .hence if you are locking for extremely high level security mechanism, do not opt for this safe.

Moreover you have to keep on adding the amount to get the desired accessories which may include dehumidifier, pistol rack, hygrometer to maintain a relevant level of moisture, LED lights to brighten up the interiors etc.
Why is it still a good choice for many people?

Well, if the safe is on the list and is being manufactured by one of the leading manufacturers of gun safes, surely it must be having some exceptional qualities.

Perhaps it may not be the best in terms of fire protection and burglary security but still certain factors makes it worth a purchase for those who need basic level security of their possessions by keeping them away from the reach of children and unimportant people.

It is so designed to fit into your closet and hence can be used to keep your jewelry, documents and handguns in it. Obviously you would not want your essential documents littering around the house.

Do not get stuck with the weak structuring of the safe since there are other features that make it strong enough. The lock mechanism is of the same quality and technique that is used in other high-tech safes. Hence you can trust it completely.

Moreover the external steel strap hinges offers 100 percent fire protection where as the dead locking bolts on the hinge side of the door cannot be compromised in case a burglar gets to your safe and attack it.

The cherry on the cake is the price on which you get this safe. It is extremely low and affordable. Also the weight being nominal in combination with a compatible size make s it easier to shift it to the desired place without having to pay to a large human force as in the case of legacy series, big daddy safes or tactical safes.

Conclusion: Winchester Closet Gun Safe Reviews

Big things come in small packages. Similar is the case with the closet safes by Winchester. I totally loved the designing and built of the safe and would recommend it to compulsorily have it in your closet. It really does fulfill the promises of reliability and security in the best way possible.

Still if you are looking for safes that have higher fire ratings or ore number of locking bolts, you may have look at the other products of the company.

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Before you finalize anything, it is suggested to read and review the pros as well as cons of the safe in order to buy something that you would not regret later. Winchester Closet Gun Safe Reviews

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The Made in USA Winchester® Closet Safe is designed with an 18″ depth to fit inside virtually any closet, with upgraded black chrome hardware and a palette-neutral Sandstone finish. Ideal for the gun owner who also wants to store jewelry and small items in an inconspicuous location.

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