Winchester Ammo Safe Reviews [Edition 2018] With Buying Guide!

Winchester Ammo Safe Reviews: Are you in search of proper gun safe for your guns rather than stacking it in your Closet? Do you want it to be locked in safe away from the reach of children?

Of course, theses are certain basic requirements that a safe should meet. Today, I have reviewed the Winchester Ammo Safe.

I’m sure you want a safe of top-rated quality as we can’t compromise it. It should be strong enough to with stand any tampering. Moreover it should have the capacity to store more than one gun.

This was all about the security features but you should not ignore the looks entirely. It is important for the gun safe to look decent because such a large safe will get noticed and hence should adorn the ambience.

Winchester Ammo Safe Reviews 2018

Winchester Ammo Safe Reviews

It’s manufactures in USA, the safe guarantees the use of high grade material. It is much more than ammo can easily use than the other gun safes. It promises to protect your guns and gears from the unwanted attacks of fire and burglars.

This is to note that there is only a single model available under this range and hence you do not get to have variety in sizes to choose from.

Specifications Of The Ammo Safe

  • The ammo safe weighs 343 lbs with the volume of 13.8 cf.
  • The exterior dimensions of the safe are 60 x 22 x 18 (in inches) where they are in the order of height x width x depth.
  • The interior dimensions however are 57 x 20 x 13.

Protection Against Fire Accidents

The safe has the proven fire ratings of 45 minutes at 1400 degrees F. This indicates that it cannot survive in the extreme thermal conditions. But such ammo containers are usually meant to be kept within the closet and the basic security features offered are enough for its survival.

The use of Palusol heat expandable door seal expands to over 6 times its original size when it encounters heat. This blocks the way of heat and smoke into the safe so as to safeguard your valuables from getting damaged.

In addition, the composite steel door comes with the added layer of fireboard protection. Also the external solid steel strap hinges eliminate the vulnerability of the internal hinges and adds to the level of protection against the fire accidents.

Even after so many security features installed in the safe, if it faces any damage in the fire attack, the company’s policy offers you free replacement. Isn’t something to celebrate about the safe?

Burglary Protection

The ammo safe is designed to keep your ammunitions secure within your closet. I found the 14 gauge body formed with robotic welds to be apt enough to combat any minor burglary attack. The use of 8 locking bolts supports the construction and makes the body strong. Each bolt is 1 inch thick and cannot be compromised in a burglary attack.
The mechanical locks used in the safes can be trusted as they are U.L. listed. As per your desire you can exchange it with the S&G EP electronic lock which has been tested and approved under all sorts of military attacks. On one hand mechanical locks assures no failure while the electronic lock needs battery to run on but is more time saving and easy to handle.

Company makes sure that the hard plates used in the manufacturing of the ammo safe cannot be drilled easily. Also the recessed door and the reinforced steel return jambs are induced in the designing and construction recently. The modified version has resulted in better results.

To provide assurance of every work that is promised by the company, lifetime free replacement guarantee comes along with the ammo safe. So in case your safe gets damaged under any such attack, you can follow up the procedure to get the reimbursement.

Features Winchester Ammo Safe

As I already mentioned that the appearance of the safe plays a very essential role in creating a good impression. Being such a large safe, it will get noticed. The ammo safe by Winchester is designed to adorn the interiors of your closet. Moreover the size perfectly fits in the cupboard with great ease.

The ammo safes are made with a durable power coated black finish that adds to its look. The attached black single level handle makes it easy to open and close the safe.

There are three fixed shelved in the safe which can hold the weight of 100lbs each. Isn’t that great? You will be able to keep all your valuables within a single container now which will avail full security to it.

The door panel organizer avails quick access to the handguns and also keeps your confidential and important documents safe.

What are the cons of the ammo safe?

Well, if you have read the mentioned review thoroughly, probably you are well aware that is the kind of safe that needs to be kept within the closet of yours. It is not strong enough to combat with frequent attacks. Hence should be kept in an inconspicuous space.

The 14 gauge steel construction supported by 1 inch bolts is quite a weak combination. If you are looking for hi-tech security features, ammo safe would not be the best option for you.

Also the use of lesser number of fireboards makes it more prone to fire accidents. Do not think of keeping the valuables that may catch fire easily. It can only be used to keep not-so-rare objects to protect it from the children.

What makes it secure a place in the list of decent safes?

Well, the credit goes to the company that manufactures it. The brand name is evident of the fact that the material used in its making is of extremely high quality.

No matter how weak the construction is, the safe has the same locking system that is used is other gun safes like legacy series, big daddy series Silverado series etc, which has better features. Hence you can take a sigh of relief in this regard.

Also, it would be a perfect purchase for those who are looking for a normal safety container to protect their valuables and cannot afford to pay hefty amounts for the same.

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Conclusion: Winchester Ammo Safe Reviews

The first step toward making a purchase is reading the reviews of the product. In this case as well, do not forget to take a look at the pros as well as the cons of the gun safe. If you are not satisfied with the features offered by this product, you can have a look at the products with more advanced features.

Winchester has been in the business of gun safe making since 150 years. They understand the needs of the people and hence revert likewise. That’s all about the Winchester Ammo Safe Reviews.

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Winchester Ammo Safe Reviews: Are you in search of proper gun safe for your guns rather than stacking it in your Closet? Do you want it to be locked in safe away from the reach of children?

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