Steelwater 22 Gun Safe Reviews [Edition 2018] With Buying Guide!

Steelwater 22 Gun Safe Reviews 2018: As Henry H Tweedy rightly said, “Fear is the father of courage and it is the mother of safety.” The safety and happiness of society is of essence in this man eat man world.

We humans have a lot at stake in today’s modern and fast paced world. With our busy schedules and ever volatile and uncertain lifestyle “Security” has become the most important thing in our lives that cannot be overlooked.

If storing your precious belongings, important documents and personal safety weapons concerns you, worry no more Steelwater gun safe is your one stop for weapon storage and enclosure solutions. Fireproofing, security and reliability these are the foundation stones of Steelwater gun safes.

Steelwater 22 Gun Safe Reviews

Steelwater 22 Gun Safe Reviews

In order to safeguard our lives, weapons for self defense or self protection is of utmost essence. It is a common thing to own them for personal safety and for that of your family. However, like every story has two sides, possession of weapons is also a double edged sword. To keep these weapons in well coded enclosures is not an option anymore.

As a matter of fact, it is now a mandate that if you own a weapon for personal safety, possessing a weapon storage unit to keep it guarded goes along with it. Steelwater guns 22 long gun safes can hold up to an average of recommended Long Gun Capacity of 14-18 and Maximum Long Gun Capacity of 22 (11/11). What is the best part? It comes with a FREE DEHUMIDIFIER

With a very manageable weight of 555 lbs, steel water guns 22 have an extremely spacious Interior Capacity of 17.78 Cubic Ft. and Usable Interior Capacity of 15.39 Cubic Ft. which not only lets you keep your 22 long guns safe but along with it gives you the durability required to keep your wealth and other essentials safeguarded as well.

It has an incredibly well built Minute Fireproof system which enables Fire protection for 60 Minutes with exterior temperatures reaching up to 1875 degrees.

Not just safety but accessibility is also a prime factor that goes into directing your purchase for a safety enclosure. The weapons storage solutions range of Steelwater Guns ensure that a wide variety of weapons, from pistols to long guns, are kept both safe and secure.

Steelwater Guns products are designed intricately keeping in mind the varying requirements of our customers. It is manufactured using heavy-duty steel in a methodical, detail-oriented and quality assured manner.

Its comes with a LaGard UL Listed Group 2 Lock. This is an upgraded combination lock which is same as the reliability and security of the safe 8X Drill Resistant Hard Plate. 8x’s Larger hard plate that ensures protection not only to the lock but also to the re-locker, gear drive, & linkages.

Designing our range of products with extreme precision and protection has been Steelwater’s motto which is clearly reflected in the next feature. Steelwater guns 22 long gun safes comes with Re-Locking Devices. These are Two internal re-lockers that keep the safe secure in case the lock is attacked or punched.

It also is designed with Reinforced Bolt Down Holes. These are 1/4 Inch steel plates in all 4 bottom corners of the safe added for more security if bolted down.

Quality always stands first when it comes to steelwater gun products. But neither is quantity neglected. It just keeps getting better with more and more services. Steelwater guns 22 long gun safes comes with loads of free services which are just more icing to the cake!

They have a FREE SHIPPING & LIFTGATE service which includes delivery to the curb via a 48-53 ft. tractor trailer and unloading the safe down to the ground at the curb. Restrictions applied. It also goes with a FREE GARAGE DELIVERY that includes moving the safe into the garage.

Along with the FREE DEHUMIDIFIER Dry Pack as mentioned earlier that comes with a rechargeable dehumidifying box kit, Buying Steelwater Guns 22 long gun safes also gifts you a FREE ADJUSTABLE ORGANIZER KIT.

This organizer kit includes six pistols pouches & four bags. These bags and pouches velcro directly to carpet and enables them to be easily installed, removed, and re-positioned.

You would have thought that should be it right? But NO! Like we said it just keeps getting better and better. It also comes with an absolutely FREE UL LISTED POWER OUTLET with High Grade UL Listed power supply. This has three AC outlets and two USB charging ports.

To top it up and raise your eyebrows further in amazement, Steelwater guns 22 long gun safes have been designed with such precision that it has been thoroughly safety assured with a Double Steel Reinforced Top Shelf. The Steel u-channel plates and steel shelving clips prevent the shelf from sagging or breaking.

Wait, it’s not over yet. The WOW Factor continues with its Gear Drive Linkage Systems. This detail oriented system protects the 22 long gun safe manufactured by Steelwater against prying, punching and drill attacks better than a cam drive system.

This long gun safe has been given a Semi-gloss and textured powder coat black finish. Along with that it has silver pin striping and polished chrome 5-spoke handle. It is one of the few safety enclosures that can boast of a one whole Hour of fire protection at 1875°F.

It has a Top reading satin chrome dial with black numbers that features “VisionGuard”. It has expandable door seal that is Heat activated and designed to seal out smoke and water in case of a fire accident. It expands up to eight times its thickness in the event of a fire.

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Steelwater guns 22 long gun safe is a 12 Gauge steel construction and surpasses the California Department of Justice regulatory standards for residential security containers.

Steelwater guns 22 long gun safes has been produced delinquently in the image of strength itself. There is no bigger proof for this than the 1 1/2 ” Locking Bolts. Its Massive locking bolts give maximum strength to the door to keep pry attacks at bay in case of a burglary.

Steelwater 22 Gun Safe Reviews

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