Steelwater 20 Gun Safe Reviews [Edition 2018] With Buying Guide!

Steelwater 20 Gun Safe Reviews 2018: Why should you purchase a 20-long gun safe? Twenty might seem like too large a number of guns to have, but at Steelwater, we know it’s not.

Once one starts collecting firearms, there’s a consumer tendency to keep collecting newer pistols and guns, sometimes out of the basic habit of wanting t explore a variety of products, and sometimes for functional reasons.

In the long run, a lot of people find that their 16-long gun safes are not spacious enough to contain all of their firearms.

And if you don’t currently own as many as twenty long guns with you, you can always re-adjust the shelves in the gun safe so that you can use the safe not just for your guns but also to store precious items like jeweler, which you think requires extra protection from burglars.

Steelwater 20 Gun Safe Reviews 2018

Steelwater 20 Gun Safe Reviews

There are a lot of gun safes available in the market today. Even the local town carpenter might boast of selling gun safes as the consumer need for them has risen considerably.

But very few companies take the time out to carry out the research and development required for a safety item of the key importance of a gun safe, and Steelwater happens to be one of them.

And if you compare the gun safes out there in the market, Steelwater turns out to be the most robust when it comes to possible burglar attacks and fire-resistance.

We know that words alone will not convince you, and they shouldn’t. And if a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a ten thousand.

Therefore, we have uploaded a set of videos where we test a gun safe from our company with a series of brutal tests that test its durability under different conditions. We completely batter the safe, starting from punching it, to breaking its hinges, to trying to pry it open.

We then move on to attacking it with an axe, and you’ll see for yourself that all this time, we only managed to just chip away the surface of the safe. We try to pry open the safe again, this time with a team of us trying, and still to no avail despite the box having suffered a lot.

For the ultimate test, we drop the safe from a height of over twenty feet, and again, video being your witness, you’ll find that it was still not manageable for us to pry the safe open.

Our safes have also been lab-tested to check their resistance to heat and fire. We have given you the fire-resistance stats below in the individual product description, and you’ll find that our safes can withstand very hot fires for a long duration.

We at Steelwater provide you with top-notch twenty-long gun safes, the best in the market for their price range. Unlike many manufacturers in the market, we know exactly what we are talking about, with our company’s owner and designer has been in the security field for a major part of his life.

She’s got an insider’s perspective when it comes to the possible hazards to a gun safe today, and thus designs our safes keeping practical and important considerations in mind.

Also, while many other companies come out with different model names and numbers every year, these often turn out to be the same old versions, but just marketed under different names and thus priced higher. We at Steelwater are honest with our products, and rely on actually bettering our designs over time, rather than hollow marketing.

Steelwater 20 Gun Safe Review 2018 two varieties: The “Steelwater Standard Duty-EGS5922” and the “Steelwater Heavy Duty-SW592216.”

These safes can withstand high temperatures for a considerable period of time, and their interior is lined with grey carpet to keep the steel from damaging your guns or other valuables.

Steelwater Standard Duty – EGS5922

The Steelwater Standard Duty–EGS5922 model comes equipped with an EMP-protected digital lock or a mechanical one, depending upon your choice. The EMP-protection makes the safe resistant to harmful ionizing radiation.

Both the digital and mechanical locks have their own pros and cons, and neither one can be said to be a hundred-percent better than the other. We therefore leave the decision upon you the customer when it comes to figuring out which lock would be safer for your needs.

The Standard Duty safe can withstand high temperatures, and are guaranteed to be resistant to high temperatures up to 1550° Fahrenheit for a period of forty-five minutes. It’s built with a solid 14-gauge steel door and body. The gun safe contains a direct-drive linkage system, and comes armoured with hard plate which is impervious to a drill-bit attack.

The gun safe contains four ¼” bolt-down holes and a straight handle on the top-middle of the front facade.


Steelwater Heavy Duty – SW592216

The Heavy-duty edition comes armed with slightly better features than the standard duty one, and is hence priced a bit higher. While the lock system is the same as that of the standard-duty one, and so is the fire-protection durability, the heavy-duty version scores higher on all the other points.

It contains a 12-gauge steel door and body, which is better than the 14-gauge one of the standard model. Instead of a direct-drive linkage system, it has got a linkage system which is gear-drive-based, which is again, better. And the drill-resistant hard plate on the heavy-duty safe is a considerably larger than the standard-duty one-eight times larger, to be precise.

This model also contains four bolt-down holes like the standard one, but these are more reliable as they are steel-reinforced. And finally, from a safety point of view, the 20-long gun safe comes with a tri-spoke handle, which is much more difficult to pry open than the straight handle of the standard model.

Even on the aesthetic side of things, the Heavy-duty version is better than the standard-duty one, as it contains decorative external hinges.

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The verdict is clear from us on this one. The Steelwater Heavy-duty gun safe is superior to its standard-duty version on most counts, and is the better purchase. But if you’re hard on the pocket at the moment, then go ahead with the Standard-duty one.

While not as good as its Heavy-duty counterpart, it’s an excellent choice nonetheless, and once purchased, you need not worry about the safety of your guns or other valuable items anymore. That’s all about the Steelwater 20 Gun Safe Review 2018.

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