Stack On Tactical Safe Reviews [Edition 2018] With Buying Guide!

Stack On Tactical Safe Reviews: Stack On in collaboration with Cannon safety products offers a huge range of economical and quality products under the brand name Alpha Guards. These gun safes suits needs of all kinds whether it is protecting your valuable belongings and weapons from theft or fire accidents.

In this review article, we are going to review Stack On Tactical 20 Gun safe, its key features, product specifications, what are the elements that could provoke you to buy it and the certain characteristics that could probably be repelling.

Stack On Tactical Safe Reviews

Stack On Tactical Safe Reviews

This gun safety and security enclosure is a tread plate clad 20 gun safe that features a middle section created specifically for MSR storage.

It has 4 adjustable MSR barrel rests. These rests accommodate various kinds of barrel lengths while the stock rest provides security to the guns and acts as a barrier between the gun stocks.

It shows a backlit electronic lock system that can store a 3-8 digit combination which includes a backup key as well. Also, the six adjustable-position shelves provide flexibility to store ammo and a diverse kind of valuables as per your choice.

It has a factory-installed door organizer which maximizes storage space. This organiser is designed with pouches and repositionable holsters.

In case of the electronic lock that we were talking about previously, it in fact contains a drill-resistant hardened steel plate. Also, for your sheer ease, this package includes a backup key which you can utilize in case the lock is out of power and you require to access your belongings in the vault.

Why You Should Buy Stack On Product

The only disadvantage in tactical 20 gun safe by Stack On is that it is heavy weight. But its power packed advantages in the form of superior technical features at a very reasonable market price overshadows its minute flaws.

Therefore, though this gun safe has a heavyweight reputation in the market, it leaves lots of space for your ammunition.

The Stack-On Tactical 20-Gun vault, has convertible interiors wherein the interior layout of this model can be easily modified using the flexible shelves and barrel rests, according to your needs.

An illustration of its spacious interiors is that, you can place four tactical weapons and 16 long guns inside this gun safe and still inturn have some space for smaller valuables.

The backlit electronic lock helps you see it clearly even in the dark. It even displays warnings for low battery and incorrect entry. There’s more to this simple electronic lock that meets the eye, and we will be discussing that later on.

Finally, the factory-installed door also encompasses a storage compartment for additional space.

You can use that to keep your pistols, magazines, and other crucial possessions safely.

Exclusively designed to protect against burglary and fire, this is one of the most protective gun safes out there.

Even though it’s packed with many efficient and effective features, Stack-On 20 gun safe from the Stack On tactical series is a gun Safe that is made available at a conveniently cheap price.

With 1.5-inch live action locking bolts, and other good features, this is definitely the kind of safety enclosure that does not compromise quality for cost. This makes this gun safe by Stack On the most lucrative offer that cannot be missed! Stack On Tactical Safe Reviews

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