Stack On Personal Safe Reviews [Edition 2018] With Buying Guide!

Stack On Personal Safe Reviews: The world of gun safety enclosures is accumulated with tonnes of different brands and manufacturers and it’s really impossible to filter through thousands of safes.

Here, this article will help you to understand all the features of Personal Safe by Stack on and how it differs from the best selling safes from all different producers that range from affordable to too expensive!

Stack On Personal Safe Reviews

Stack On Personal Safe Reviews

Stack on safes has a reputation in the market to provide for quality with cost advantage to its weapon owner customers.

The next paragraph or two will impart to you good knowledge on what to look for in a gun safe and how Stack On’s Personal safe gives you the experience and utility of Withholding guns, pistols, laptop computers and also valuable belongings.

What To Look For In A Gun And Personal Safe?

The first thing to do is decide your gun capacity, you’ll always want to purchase something bigger than you need.

This will let you to grow into your safe and not out of. Even if you have just 2 or 3 guns, we suggest getting something that can hold at least 16 guns.

This will allow space for expansion and accessories.

The second thing to look for is the fire resistant rating of the safe. The protection rating is measured in degrees and minutes and usually begins around 20 minutes at 1200° Fahrenheit.

We strongly suggest not settling for a safe that has less than 60 minutes of fire protection at 1200°F.

In the event of an unfortunate fire accident, a gun cabinet will not hold up and all your belongings will be toast!

Personal Safe by Stack On– Extra Wide

You would wonder what is that one thing in Stack On which is different than the other safety vaults in the market?

The answer lies in its width.

Personal Safety Vault by Stack on is an extra-wide personal safe with electronic locking system and is sized to store laptop computers as well.

It easily fits on a shelf or in a closet and offers a lot of safety and security for handguns, guns, jewelry and other precious belongings.

In all, Personal Safe by Stack On is a combination of safety for both valuables and guns.

Whether you are a mere gun collector or a weapon owner for personal safety you would not get this quality in the personal safe at this cost.

Product Details of Stack on Personal Safe

This extra-wide Extra Personal Safe with electronic lock is sized to safeguard laptop computers and has a lot of space for storing your belongings at home or in the office.

The convenient to use electronic lock has a big push button keypad that accepts a personalized 3-8 digit code which has two backup keys are also included.

The pry-resistant door with solid-steel, has hidden hinges and 2 steel live action locking bolts.

The safety vaults also has a foam padded bottom to secure valuables from scratches.

A low battery warning system and all of the mounting hardware is included in it.


What are the Pros of buying a Personal Safe by Stack On?

It has a 2 steel live-action locking bolts.

It is manufactured with Welded-steel construction and as mentioned earlier it can conveniently have space for laptop computers.

Its electronic lock has a keypad that can be silenced.

It comes with a lifetime warranty which ensures its superior quality. The warranty includes Mounting hardware too. This is topped up with a low battery warning system.

Then, what’s not to like in the personal safe by Stack On?

It has only one type. It is a little disappointing to not have option in this personal safe category by Stack On.

It could even be great to have some offers or free accessories along with the personal safe. Accessories like dehumidifier etc. Free shipping is another such advantage provided by the competitors which is not given by Stack On.

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We would sure like to see more exciting alternatives in the personal safe vertical by Stack On with more advanced features like fire and water resistance.

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