Field and Stream 10 Gun Safe [Buyer’s Guide]

Field and Stream 10 Gun Safe: Owing a gun safe give utmost security to your guns as well your family.

Storing the guns in traditional cupboards is dangerous. As you know the guns are dangerous and they should be always kept locked up and out of the reach from anyone.

A large number of regrettable events can be easily avoided just by locking their firearms into many types of secure locking gun safe.

Guns and ammo are becoming an ever-increasing target for burglaries around the world.

It is important to store your firearms in a high-quality gun safe which is accessible if you have the combination or key.

Having a gun safe is accessible by you will also avoid unfortunate accidents that can happen.

The safes are designed not only to store your firearms but also store your valuables in it.

Most gun safe brands have incorporated adjustable shelves to accommodate all types of arms, pistols, knives; vests etc. need safety and security.

Field and Stream 10 Gun Safe

Field and Stream 10 Gun Safe


These days the market is flooded with an array of attractive gun safes that can add value to your house.

So select it wisely to provide an immense beauty to your home while keeping your guns and other valuables secure.

In order to find the best gun safe, you need to do a little research on the gun safes available in the market.

Through this article, I am going to mention Field and Stream 10 gun safe. I am giving the points why I picked this safe to review.

This gun safe is perfect for the people who need a small gun safe and does not plan on expanding their collection in the future.

The company offers a limited lifetime guarantee that includes repair or replaces the safe that is damaged due to the fire or theft without charging any amount.

The company also provides a 5-year warranty that protects you against the defects in material and manufacturing.

The price charged for this gun safe is much more affordable than other brands. The safe offers 30 minutes of fire protection as you can recover the stolen items from a burglar but not from the fire.

Features of Field and Stream 10 gun safe

1. 1400 degrees F for 30 minutes.
2. 3 number combination lock.
3. Drill resistant safe.
4. Pry-resistant doors.
5. Five locking bolts out of which 3 live and 2 deadbolts.
6. 1” steel bolt located on each long side of the door.
7. Four fully carpeted and adjustable shelves.
8. California DOJ approved.
9. The recessed door is pry resistant.
10. The safe contains two anchoring screws.
11. Top to bottom shelf adjustment.
12. Barrel rest can hold 9 long guns.
13. ETL verified.
14. External hinges and black lever handle.
15. 2 pre-drilled anchoring holes on the bottom of the safe.

Why You Should Buy Field and Stream 10 Gun Safe

1. The lock mechanism is smooth.
2. Drill resistant, hard steel plate lock
gives high-level security.

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Final Point – Field and Stream 10 Gun Safe

Although Field and Stream safe is budget friendly, the company offers pleasing units also includes nice finish.

Buying a safe depends on the requirements some companies offer lifetime warranty while others give short terms warranty.

In addition to a short-term warranty covers things like lock and finish. Checking the features, pros and cons you must take a decision to avoid the future issues.

Field and Stream 10 Gun Safe
  • Field and Stream 10 Gun Safe

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