Dicks Sporting Goods Gun Safe Reviews 2018 – Buyer’s Guide

Dicks Sporting Goods Gun Safe Reviews: A gun safe resembles a cabinet which can protect the firearms from fire and unauthorized depending on its features.

The gun safes are required to protect the guns from kids, teenagers, and burglars. If the guns are locked, secure safe you can prevent the life-threatening injuries which can happen from gun accidents.

Dick’s Sports goods offer a wide variety of gun safes. You can check the availability of the safes by visiting the dickssportgood.com. You can also check the customer reviews and learn the features of the products as well.

Dicks Sporting Goods Gun Safe Reviews 2018

Dicks Sporting Goods Gun Safe Reviews

1. Stack-On Sentinel 64+4 Fire Resistant Gun Safe

The safe can hold 64 long guns and 4 pistols; you can some valuables and accessories into it. It has adjustable shelves and doors which help to store the items as per your requirement. The safe is fire resistance at 14000 for 30 minutes and keeps your valuables protected in an emergency.

Features of Stack-On Gun Safe

1. The electronic lock of safe can be programmed for 3-8 digit code.
2. Backup keys are available.
3. 3 live actions, 2 deadbolts, and 5 locking points
4. Fully convertible interior with adjustable barrel rests and shelves.

Why You Should Buy Stack-On Gun Safe

1. Fastening hardware included in the safe.
2. Safe is with the backup key.
3. Fully convertible inferior.

2. Field & Stream Sportsman 24+4 Gun Fire Safe

Dicks Sporting Goods Gun Safe Reviews

This safe is perfect when it comes to ensuring that firearms are being stored safely. You can store 24 long guns and 4 handguns. The safe is drill resistant verified to 1400 degrees for up to 30 minutes.

Features of Field & Stream Sportsman

1. Three electronic locks with customizable code.
2. Black matte pebble external finish.
3. Four fully carpeted shelves which are adjustable.
4. The door can store 4 handguns.
5. The door has a small net pocket and a large storage pocket.

Why You Should Buy Field & Stream Sportsman

1. Drill resistant Safe.
2. A steel plate behind lock provides high-level of security.
3. Adjustable shelves make is customizable.

3. Field and Stream Pro 36+6 Gun Fire Safe with Electronic Lock

Dicks Sporting Goods Gun Safe Reviews

To keep your guns safe from intruders, children, unwanted users and fire field and Stream Pro are the best. It can store 36 long guns on a carpeted interior and 6 handguns with extra storage space on the door.

Features of Field and Stream Pro

1. Door storage has additional pockets.
2. The electronic lock with customizable code.
3. Fastening hardware included.
4. The backup key is including in the safe.

Why You Should Buy Field And Stream Pro

1. Additional pockets in door storage.
2. Hardware included for fastening.
3. Easy to set use.

Final Point – Dicks Sporting Goods Gun Safe Reviews

As the gun safes are protective storage containers that can carry firearms and other ammunition safe. You must choose the one which can serve your purpose as for how much stock of guns you have at present and you can buy more in the future.

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You must check the build quality, lock mechanism, price, fire protection and warranty. Checking the features, pros, and cons of a gun safe can save your time and money in the future. As a gun safe is an investment for a gun owner. Dicks Sporting Goods Gun Safe Reviews

Dicks Sporting Goods Gun Safe Reviews
  • Dicks Sporting Goods Gun Safe Reviews

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